Sunglasses: object of desire

Glasses as a clothing complement

occhiali da sole not only twenty

photo via Prada

Sunglasses are now part of the daily life.

We do not wear them only to protect us from the sun, but also to complete an outfit.

And how all the accessories  they are able to characterize clothing, with their shape and style: cat-eyes like for a look of a fatal woman, dark and big for a bon ton look as Jacklyn Kennedy, small round to look intellectual and go on.

Prada Sunglasses

The ones I chose as the object of desire are the Cinéma of Prada.

The Prada brand does not need presentations, only the name is a guarantee of success. The creative mind, Mrs. Miuccia is one of the most volcanic fashion designers in the fashion world.

Cinéma glasses are beautiful: large and round, in acetate with a thin top profile have different lenses and frames colors.
A praise to the cinema as  interpreter and spectator, not only for movie star.

I can not resist, I love them. I guess already with what clothes to wear  them…

I recommend watching the video: fascinating.

occhiali da sole: oggetto del desiderio

foto via Prada


sunglasses object of desire

foto via Prada


occhiali da sole not only twenty

foto via Prada

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