Get dressed according to mood

The thousands of women enclosed in a woman

vestirsi in base all'umore not only twenty

Female universe is one of the best things ever created,  every single woman encloses the many facets that characterize each of us.

This complexity and beauty also manifest themselves in our way of dressing.

I think it has happened to each of you, dear friends, to “feel yourself” every day different from the previous one, it often happens to me.

One day I feel hippy, another masculine, another a fatal woman


Follow our mood

So why not  to follow what suggests our mood?

In this way dressing becomes a satisfying game for us and for those who watch us.

Wouldn’t it be sad to wear always the same color and style?

I couldn’t do it, it would seem to me to be forced into rules that I do not belong to.

I often get to open the closet and start dressing, changing accessories or clothing until I find the right one for that moment.

And then it’s like wearing a second skin and this makes me stronger and more confident.

Do we want to play together?

We simulate some hypotheses …

Hippy style

Today I feel hippy or bohemian, what do I have to wear?

Definitely floral print dresses, better if long and wide, great if there is a bit of lace on them. Fringes on  jackets, vests, and t-shirts.

Absolutely flat shoes or sandals or booties, best in Texas style.

Big earrings, large or small clutches or shoulder straps.

Here are some examples …


hippy style Not only twenty

floral dress with boots


get dressed according to mood Not only twenty

fringed vest and flat sandals


vestire bohemienne a 50 anni

floral long dress and big earrings


get dressed according to mood Not Only Twenty

loose pants and fringed vest


dress according to mood not only twenty

long, large dress and plateau sandals


dress hippy Not Only Twenty

wide sleeves shirt, big earrings  and flats


get dressed according to mood not only twenty

wide leg pants and fringed vest



Bad boy style

And if I feel masculine, how should I dress?

Jeansripped jeans, t-shirts, men’s jackets, bomber jackets, comfortable trousers.

It’s ok for shoes with heels or sneakers,  simple bags  but also that with stones to make it more feminine.

Here’s how …

vestirsi a seconda dell'umore

cropped jeans and bomber jacket


dress up sporty not only twenty

jacket and t-shirt


jeans strappati a 50 anni not only twenty

ripped jeans and leather jacket


vestire comodo a 50 anni not only twenty

wide leg pants and bag with stones


What do you say, girlfriends, isn’t it fun?

In one of the next posts I will show you other ways of dressing according to the mood. Stay tuned!

Rita Palazzi
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