Fashion is a game

Have fun with fashion

fashion is a game


When I was a child, but also as a teenager, my mom was sewing clothes to me and my sisters.

I remember that we grumbled every time we had to try them on , to remove any defects before final sewing.

Poor mom, she worked for us and she also had to endure our complaints …

Now I have a lot of fun with Luigina (my dressmaker) to create and make my clothes.

Luigina, the best and unstoppable 80-year-old tailor

Luigina is very good at picking up and eliminating defects and making the perfect dress for me. I am delighted with the creation of patterns and the search for fabrics.

I believe, in fact I like to believe it, that my mother would be proud of me.

The dress I show you today is our creation.

In cotton muslin with water lilies and animals.

What do you think, do you like it?

gucci bag



duccio del duca shoes



fashion is a game



fashion is a game



gucci bag



duccio del duca shoes



fashion is a game



vintage earrings



fashion is a game


I wear

dress handmade by Luigina and me

vest Dries Van Noten

bag Gucci

shoes Duccio del Duca

earrings Vintage

photo Fashion_prospects by Carlo Campi

Rita Palazzi
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