Dress well spending little money

Dress well with a decent expense


You do not need to spenda fortune to dress well, you can dress well even spending little money, just having good taste in matching and  in accessories selection.
We are helped in the choice by many brands that adopt low cost policy, the most famous are known to us all. Who doesn’t know Zara or H&M?
In addition to these great fashion giants, there are many other companies that create good value for money, Dixie is one of these.
And although the company declares to address a woman aged between 25 and 45 (sigh) I’ll show you how their dress can be safely worn by those who were 45 years old years ago!

abito dixie fashion over fifty

The choice of  a dress and accessories

I bought this longuette dress with elastic waist and wide sleeve, easily worn with any physicality.
What impressed me was the floral print. Great flowers in the shades of pink, orange and brown on a black background, a great design on an essential style dress.
Once I have purchased the dress, at home I tried on anything could matches with my new dress.
Thinking to give the outfit an oriental style I discarded the decollete and sandal with high heels and I chose my old sandals with plateau. It was a lucky coincidence that this was enriched with flowers of the same colors as those of the gown.
Also choosing the bag I wanted the oriental style to be dominant, my  Carven  red clutch (purchased on winter sales) from the minimal line was perfect.
And here’s the outfit completed, the end result does not look bad, right?
What do you think? I would like to know your opinion about it.


longuette dress in not only twenty



dixie dress over fifty style



floral dress for over fifty



carven bag not only twenty



marni sandals notonlytwenty



the right accessories notonlytwenty



fashion over fifty not only twenty



oriental style fashionn over40



spendere poco per vestire not only twenty



dixie dress fashion over forty



fashion over 50 not only twenty



floral dress for over fifty



dixie dress notonlytwenty



marni sandals not only twenty



cocktail dress not only twenty


I wear

dress Dixie

sandals Marni

clutch Carven

earrings Dolce&Gabbana

photo Alice Turchini

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