Atelier C: fashion and design boutique in Florence

Atelier C. in Florence: boutiques for dressing up the house and personality

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Imagine the charming and romantic Florence, one of its most fascinating streets, the street of antiques: already this would be enough to fill the soul with beauty.

If you are halfway through Fossi Street, you will come to Atelier C. then the soul will jump out.

This is what happened to me last night when I came to this wonderful shop at the Cocktail Art Party organized to celebrate the first year of its opening.


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Alice and Marco, creative souls of Atelier C.

But before talking about the party I have to explain what is Atelier C.

Atelier C is the encounter between two creative souls: Alice and Marco.

Alice, interior designer with a great propensity for the beautiful, in the purest sense of the term. Not the pomp, but the search and the care of the detail, helped in this by the handsome Florentine artisans.

Furniture, carpets, floors, vases, decorations, Alice is able to create the interior of a home, not just to furnish it.

If you want to verify what I say, go to the store: everything inside is created by her.

Marco is a talented designer with great experience in the industry.

He makes beautiful dresses, created and designed for customers, because the dress is a complement to the wearer’s personality.


From bags to dresses and interior design

But what unites fashion and interior design, Alice and Marco?

Their meeting point are the bags. Fine leather, unusual shapes, precious details, nothing is left to chance.

That’s what I found before my eyes last night, but that’s not all.

The store has a beautiful garden, where guests have been entertained in a magnificent summer evening.

So many good things to taste , so many beautiful people and very interesting encounters.

I thank Alice and Marco for allowing me to spend a beautiful evening and invite you to visit the store: it’s worth it.

I forgot, in addition to Alice and Marco you will also find Elisa, professional and competent. If you have any doubts about the fashion world ask her, she will for sure be able to answer you.

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