Villasimius: remembering

Sun and cream at Villasimius

Photo taken 24 years ago in Villasimius.

Looking at it  there are two things that strike me, the first is that the beautiful beach of Villasimius (in Sardinia) is virtually deserted.

I believe that  currently it’s a privilege that few can afford.

The other is that even a quarter of a century ago I was spreading the cream on the body like I did every day, and at that time the sun’s rays were well filtered out of the ozone layer!

But, obviously, even then I was looking after my skin …

villasimius remembering

Rita Palazzi
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    No Fear of Fashion

    And the ream wasn’t olive oil? Haha. Very popular those days as well. I have always treated by body badly in the sun. The one thing I did do good was stying out of the sun between 12 and 13.00 hrs. (With this summer/wintertime, between 13.00 and 14.00 hrs). Always. Not matter what, I am inside as the sun is on its highest point and my skin cannot take that. And I was never more than 4 hours in the sun, always in the morning. I hope that will protect me.
    You looked bloody stunning. Nicest legs I have ver seen.

    • Not only twenty
      Not only twenty

      Greetje you did the right thing! We all should do what you suggest to avoid problems at our precious skin.
      Thanks for the compliments to my legs, but they are no longer like twenty years ago…