The dust coat

I love the dust coats

dries van noten coat


When I was a little girl and went with my mom to my aunt’s lab, I often heard  them talking about the dust coat, as one of the mid-season must-have garment.

The mid season does not exist anymore, I haven’t seen the tailleurs (jacket and skirt) in a wool lither than the one used for winter clothing that along with the dust coat were statement garments for the period and they were worn for less than a couple of months.

Dust coat has come back to life, but with different characteristics, we say it’s  more a summer coat. No longer wool, but silk or cotton. No longer in plain colors, easily matching, but with impressive prints to make it the most important part of the outfit.

I love them, The one I propose today is one of my favorites.

gianna meliani shoes



gucci disco bag



dries van noten coat



dust coat



dries van noten dust coat



dust coat






dust coat



dries van noten coat



ann demeulemeester pants


I wear

 dust coat  Dries Van Noten

 leather pants Ann Demeulemeester

tank top Enza Costa

bag Gucci

shoes Gianna Meliani

earrings Dolce&Gabbana

photo Fashion_prospects by Carlo Campi




Rita Palazzi
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