Snake Chin & Neck Lift

 Firm and lift the contours of the neck area with Rodial gel


Over the years the contour of the face and neck lose definition and tone, giving the face an appearance of fatigue.

As far as I’m concerned, also my extra pounds materialize in a double chin, hateful in my eyes.

For this reason I am always looking for creams that can, in part, mitigate these annoying aspects.

On the advice of the shop assistants at Gardenia in Siena I bought a gel that promised desirable results by Rodial.

Key Benefits:

Ovaliss: Reduces appearance of a double chin.

Decapeptide: Boosts cell metabolism.

Pomegranate Ellagic Tannin: Firm and tone the skin by helping boost collagen production.

Hyaluronic Acid: Long lasting skin hydration.

How to stay indifferent to so many improvements?

After two weeks of treatment with Snake Chin & Neck Lift I have to admit that my face contour seems more toned and the double chin less obvious.

I am convinced that I have found the right product, I would recommend it.


Snake Chin & Neck Lift Rodial


Rita Palazzi
Written by