Love has no age

Love has no age with  Les Petits Joueurs bag

ls petits jouers bag

Love has no age.

I am not only referring to the feeling that involves people of any gender, color and age, but  to the bags Les Petits Joueurs by Maria Sole Cecchi.

The Florentine designer, looking  for something giving energy to a purse, wrote the word LOVE with Lego constructions on an old bag and went out with her creation to the arm.

All fell in love with the  pop image of the bag and the business was born.

It makes you think that handbags inspired by pop art and with the love writing is for young girls, but look at the outfits that I propose with my Petits Joueurs and tell me if you aren’t falling in love.

Opened in September the flagship store in Florence in Via Tornabuoni.

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les petite joueurs bag



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les petits joueurs



les petits joueurs



love has no age



love has no age







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