The importance of muscular work

The importance of muscular work after Fifty

the importance of muscolare work

Johanna Quaas Halle, 86 years old

Very often, in my work, when I recommend doing gymnastic to solve some problems, patients say  to me that gymnastics is something for young people.

There is nothing wronger than this, in fact when you are young a good muscle tone is very easy to reach. Instead, when we’ve passed the fifties, it becomes more difficult, but also more important.

Muscles  support our scaffolding and, if these are deficient, we will assume postures that, in addition to being unhealthy, will lead to real pathologies.

And as the muscular tone tends to diminish as the age progresses, my post is an invitation to physical activity in a targeted manner.

After years of inactivity, we must accustom our body to a muscular work with gradualness, bearing in mind the physical problems, if any.

So we have to start working with our age and our health in mind with the goal of a better physical fitness, and therefore psychic too.

Because we know that Mens Sana in Corpore Sano (healthy mens in  healthy body).

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