My husband pic: remembering

A pic from my husband in Barcelona

Since I started my blog, my husband against his will, found himself forced to click pictures.

Although he is very little fascinated by fashion and its world, I have to grant him a certain aesthetic taste, in fact, his photos are always much appreciated on socials.
The pic that I propose you was taken last year in Barcelona,  I was wearing a shirt from H&M  Conscious Collection, the black background was chosen by Franco, not bad right?

husband pic

Rita Palazzi
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    No Fear of Fashion

    My husband faces the same. He doesn’t like it AT ALL. But he wants to help me. He compares it with this: “Suppose I would take up football, would you then come and cheer me on every Saturday?” Which is something I hate. “Well, that is how I feel about taking your pictures”. Poor soul.

    • Not only twenty
      Not only twenty

      Ahahahahahah. Yes Greetje, same situation!