Girl on Girl, a photography book made by women to explore the Female Gaze

girl girl un libro di fotografia per vedere le donne dal loro punto di vista

Credits: Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

Women photography and women photographers….the point is:

How should we look at women?

How can we say to make room for women if they are always showed with a male gaze?

Charlotte Jansen, a renowned critic and curator, has brought together a new generation of female artists, the emerging women photographers who live in a world made by and for men.

Editor at large of contemporary art and culture publication Elephant Magazine, Charlotte Jansen has choose to turn the lens on the women with her book ‘Girl on Girl: Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze’.

Girl On Girl: Art And Photography In The Art Of The Female Gaze by Charlotte Jansen, published by Laurence King, £19.99 - charlotte jansen book, Girl On Girl: Art And Photography In The Age Of The Female Gaze, not only twenty fashion blog

Girl On Girl: Art And Photography In The Art Of The Female Gaze by Charlotte Jansen, published by Laurence King

In the book are featured forty artists, all of whose main subject matter is either themselves or other women.

It really allows you to control the picture more if you’re dealing with the self or the body,” Charlotte old WWD elaborating the power of the front-facing camera.

Talking of the front-facing camera onto smartphones, she told WWD:

“[…] you’ve got all of the platforms for sharing and publishing images which have also had a massive impact on the kinds of images that women are making, and the level of exposure they get. Until then, and still now, a lot of media and magazines are dominated by the male gaze. I’m not saying that it’s all men in charge necessarily, but that’s the kind of imagery that tends to be in the foreground. So now you’ve got publishing platforms that allow women to have just as wide exposure, but without having to wait to be published.

At the same time, we talk a lot about how the camera is democratic and accessible for everyone, and the technology is, like, cheaper and more available now”.

She then adds:

I think this [book], in a very small way, hopefully allows people to see beyond these labels of, like, “feminist art” and “femininity,” and just see the female gaze as something that’s not only for women or something that can only be understood by women. It’s just an alternative way of viewing”.

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