Alicia calls for #nomakeup and celebs jump on board

Alicia calls for #nomakeup and celebs jump on board - not only twenty fashion blog

After Alicia Keys‘s courageous decision, no-makeup movement began to impose a new self-consciousness.

Alicia Keys launches #nomakeup: it is time to stop hiding

Social media were filled with #nomakeup selfies, as well as #wokeuplikethis.

No wonder that normal people join the movement, but what it’s really interesting is how celebrities welcomed the initiative.

They choose to go makeup free to reveal their natural beauty, they just choose to face the “stage pressure” and show everybody their weaknesses.

The hashtag led to funny and hilarious pics as well, some of them are just fake natural looks, but several celebs consider that a very serious issue and they really posted 100% natural pics.

Alicia Keys is working at her essay about the reason why she decided to go makeup free.

This would be another step to inspire people as well as stars to do the same.

This is an Hollywood revolution, just with a click these celebrities establish a link with their followers on their social accounts, something that sounds like real, natural, concrete, far away from their makeup sessions and from the glamour of their red carpet performance.


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