What if women ruled the fashion industry?

What if women ran the fashion industry - project women - meryl streep - not only twenty

We know, women are often segregated or stereotyped in fashion and the media; but how can we take the control of that situation?

Not Only Twenty gives often room to projects or initiatives that highlight the women’s role in the industry. Often, it’s about the claim of definition of beauty, the calling for diversity in the fashion industry. But we are glad to add to this list, projects that show us that we deserve more opportunities about women’s role in the industry.

One of these opportunities is Project Womens.


UBM Fashion Group, that is the leading producer of world-renowned fashion tradeshows, through PROJECT WOMENS gives buyers access to an unrivaled collection of the best emerging and established women’s brands.

So, women are no more only the objects of the industry, they are the entrepreneurs, the creators, the businesswomen.

PROJECT WOMENS doesn’t just raise the bar on style, they change the conversation. It’s a window to show to the fashion world that there are so many emerging and noteworthy brands, managed by successful women.

It’s such a community where the business issue is related to sustainable and cause-oriented brands.

What if the world was run by women? Maybe, at the moment, would be enough to run the fashion industry.




Rita Palazzi
Written by