Knitting to relax

Knitting to relax everybody


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The art of knitting has had an incredible growth in recent years.

Once it was the prerogative of mothers and grandmothers now it has become a way to relax for both sexes.

It is not uncommon to see movies stars who during film breaks enjoy knitting, just like super paid models. Even someone like Kate Middleton is not immune to this hobby.

Many are the tutorial to learn how to knit. Some reminded me of the days spent as a child knitting in the large kitchen under the supervision of my mother or grandmother.

The lucky ones can rely on specialized shops where they can learn knitting, spending time knitting with other people or by commissioning knitted sweater or whatever.

In Siena Il gomitolo offers these services with the friendliness and kindness of Loretana and her son Francesco, who have turned their hobby into a job to do  with fun.

Il gomitolo is also online.

So what are we waiting for? Just do it!
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knitting relax


knitting relax


il gomitolo

Il gomitolo



Il gomitolo


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