A coat without sleeves

A coat without sleeves in a sunny day

carven coat

Do you remember my coat without sleeves?

I had given a rock version in the post Long vest? In a rock way, now the casual and comfy version to stay out all day.


Long vest? In a rock way

This year, Autumn in Italy seems Spring, with very pleasant temperatures, my sleeveless coat is ideal for the season.

Because I have to be out several hours to run some errands I need comfortable clothing that allows me to walk around the city far and wide.

My primary choice is to wear comfortable shoes, who knows Siena knows that its uphill and downhill streets will test even the most accustomed to wearing high heels.

Then boots with comfortable heel, soft velvet trousers and shirt. Ready for  the tuor de force between post office, bank and shops.


carven coat



miu miu bag



rebecca taylor shirt



coat without sleeves



forte forte pants



santoni boots



miumiu bag



miumiu bag



coat without sleeves



chanel earrings



forte forte pants



coat without sleeves

I wear

coat Carven

shirt Rebecca Taylor

pants Forte Forte

bag Miu Miu

earrings Chanel

shoes Santoni

photo Alice Turchini

you can buy pants at Dolci Trame



Rita Palazzi
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