Backstage of my fashion week with my female team

Backstage of my fashion week in Milan

alice turchini fotografa

Alice at work


This is what happens before and during my fashion week in Milan.

In the days before the fashion week, much of the time is devoted to outfits to wear during the fashion shows and cocktails where I’m invited to.

In this phase, the help of Elisa is very valuable. We have to organize everything from the garments to earrings, to handbags, to shoes and often what seemed determined is changed at the last moment.

Then departure to the beautiful Milan, where the tour de force starts: fashion shows, photoshooting and events.

Luckily Alice, the photographer of all my looks and Valeria, key collaborator of the blog and social, live in Milan.

This allows us to work full time. Lunch and dinner time is the occasion for work and confrontation, but also to enjoy my day with two wonderful women.

After a week so intense and enjoyable it is still nice to return home.


work lunch

Mobile phones tuned to Not Only Twenty


alice at lunch

Alice at lunch



Valeria at lunch

Valeria at lunch


cocktail Attila

Valeria at Attila cocktail



attila cocktail

Attila cocktail



Attila cocktail

Attila cocktail with friend Alfredo






work lunch

Lunch work


break at Valentino

Break at Valentino



valeria and me

Again at work


Akris party

Akris party


all are waiting for a pic

Waiting for the fashion show


backstage of my fashion week

Alice and Valeria at work


Uma Wang fashion show

Fashion show




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