Abdominals and Obliques for workout #10

As we said in workout #9, abdominal muscles are very important to stabilize the trunk in every exercise, in workout #10 we continue to enhance these muscles.


# Upper Abdominals

Lie on your back with the knees bent at 90° draped over a bench. With the hand folded across your chest, raise your shoulders up and toward the chest.

Return to the start position.

Two set of ten.

workout 10


# Lower Abdominals 

This is a preparatory exercise to enhance abdominals, when ready choose an exercise more focused on abdominals.

Sit on a bench, the torso is back at almost 45° with the bench and the legs and feet straight. Raise the leg at 45° with the floor, slowly return to the start position.

Two sets of ten movements.

workout 10


# Obliques

Grasp a broomstick and place it behind your neck. With your feet shoulder wide apart. Twist the upper body to the right, keeping your hips still during all the movement. Return and reverse direction.

Two sets of twenty.

workout ten




Rita Palazzi
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