When a lovely woman…

When a lovely woman kisses you


dries van noten outfit


The other day I was stopped on the doorstep by a lovely woman I did not know personally.

A young woman who stops a person over 50, who do not know, giving her a kiss on the cheek, to compliment her is not a beautiful thing?

I found her amazing, her way so easy and straightforward to introduce herself almost moved me.

Of all the outfits she had noticed and appreciated, the one Marusca prefers  is that I am presenting today.

And it is also one of my favorites, what do you think?


illesteva sunglasses



dries van noten outfit



dries van noten tulle vest



when a lovely woman



dries van noten jacket



illesteva sunglasses



dries van noten top



chie mihara shoes



marco bicego rings



dries van noten outfit



dries van noten outfit



when a lovely woman



marco bicego rings


What I wear

top Dries Van Noten

jacket Dries Van Noten

pants Dries Van Noten

tulle vest Dries Van Noten

bag Dries Van Noten

sandals Chie Mihara

sunglasses Illesteva

rings Marco Bicego

earrings Chanel

photo Alice Turchini

You can buy the outfit at Dolci Trame in Siena



Rita Palazzi
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    Not only is this outfit “perfection” but your beautiful self makes it gobsmaking! Ps: and those earings…

    • Not only twenty
      Not only twenty

      Thank you Rose, you’re so kind and beautiful…you are PERFECTION <3