The drawings language


The drawings language: printed dress and tattoos

drawings language

The drawing as a means of non-verbal communication is inherent in us.

As early as the Stone Age man was trying to communicate through signs, but above all through the drawings.

Since then many things have changed, but  we love always  to express feelings, emotions, belonging via  drawings.

Not only on canvas or similar for the paintings or on various types of fabrics for the clothing, but also on the skin.

The tattoo is something deep and private that we want to express, from here the game with my friend Richard: thank you so much!

As you can guess we want to express our joy of living



stela jean dress



mali parmi bracelet



drawings sign



stella jean dress



issey mihake bag



drawings language






stella jean dress



isseye mihake



mali parmi bracelet



mali parmi bracelet



stella jean dress




I wear

dress Stella Jean

shoes Chie Mihara

bracelet Mali Parmi

clutch Issey Miyake

you can buy the outfit at Dolci Trame









Rita Palazzi
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