My holiday on the road

First destination Caiazzo, pizzeria Pepe in grani

my bmw

Our baby is ready


me and my baby

We are ready


After a five year break, we decided to return the bike for our summer holiday. Destination  Sorrentine peninsula, chosen for the beauty of the place and the amount of excellent restaurants that swarm in the area.

Before arriving in Vico Equense, we made a stop in Caiazzo, a beautiful village perched in the hills a few kilometers from Capua. This deviation has become virtually mandatory because a friend restaurateur, known our itinerary, more than highly recommended going to taste the pizza by Franco Pepe, considered the best pizza maker in the world.

The pizzeria Pepe in grani is really a special place: the proverbial Campania hospitality and the quality and variety of combinations of pizza made us to spend an evening to remember. I cannot deny that was a veritable binge and not really a taste! The goodness and the lightness of the pizzas, some of them fried, make us to already regret not being able to come back more often!


caiazzo village

Caiazzo hills


waiting for dinner

On the Pepe in grani terrace


waiting for dinner

On the Pepe in grani terrace






three generations of pizzaioli

Three generations of pizzaioli



pizza at pepe in grani

Pizza alla parmigiana


pizza con colatura di alici

Pizza con colatura di alici




The best pizzas in the world
















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