Love after 50, it’s up to you!

Love after 50, it's up to you! - Not Only Twenty fashion blog

A snack preview of Eleonora Giorgi and Catena Fiorello from “The Time of Women” and the advices of the love coach Lisa Copeland … do you need anything else to believe it?

Ladies, the third edition of “Il Tempo delle Donne” (The Time of Women) will talk about a beautiful theme: Sex and Love.

But, first things first….

I’m talking about the event organized by “Il Corriere della Sera” daily newspaper, in collaboration with the magazine “Io Donna”. The event will be held from 9 to 11 September 2016 at the Triennale di Milano. The #TdD2016 will be an opportunity to study issues relating Sex and Love, Love after 50 included!

Peering a preview of the issues that will be addressed, that you can find here, I’ve noticed two interesting statements:

Catena Fiorello - Love after 50, it's up to you! - Not Only Twenty fashion blog

Catena Fiorello:

«I wrote L’amore a due passi (Love around the corner) because I’m fed up with love stories that are a big success in libraries, I mean…,those that talk about emotional ties between teenagers, always and only them. As if it were unforgivable the desire to love after a certain age. This is about a large, painful taboo: love between adults {…} I would say that we are quite backward in this sense, and … we are far from to be a developed society! We are an archaic society, we are happy when we see firm asses and boobs


Eleonora Giorgi - Love after 50, it's up to you! - Not Only Twenty fashion blog

And then the confidences of Eleonora Giorgi. The actress says,

«Sex and love are forever. At 60 it is beautiful. {…} The mature women should be protected by law. And none should call them “old” or it shall be imposed a penality»


Love after 50 is not an option, we deserve it!

Life gets longer, we women are more and more healthy, more beautiful and with more style, what are we missing in order to have a full and busy life?! That is about the love of a lifetime or a new one.

Just keep in mind the suggestion of Lisa Copeland, love coach specialized in love over 50.


«Your level of dating success isn’t really about your looks or your weight.

If you want to know the truth, it actually stems from your mindset… the fears and limiting beliefs you may have about yourself and the men you want to date.

And most importantly… whether or not you feel ‘good enough’ to get the type of man you want.

Your mindset about YOU is the ONE single thing that determines your level of success or failure in dating.»

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