Do you like my robe?

How to look Chic but Comfy …with a robe of course!

for restless sleepers robe


As you can imagine I could hardly refrain from choosing a robe and pajama-type pants for this spring. As I wrote in the post “The charm of pajamas”, this outfit is chic in an effortless way and it could be a great alternative to the cocktail dress.

The charm of pajamas

I chose to mix and match two different patterns, but in the same range of colors; vaguely Japanese style Marni earrings are well adapted to the look.

By day I really like wearing it with the tennis shoes and evening with high-heeled shoes.

What do you think?



marni earrings



marni earrings



for restless sleepers



moschino bag



for restless sleepers pants



for restless sleepers robe



for restless sleepers robe



Marni earrings



do you like my robe



two japanese friends


I wear

robe For Restless Sleepers

pants For Restless Sleepers

sneakers Premiata

bag Moschino

earring Marni

photo Alice Turchini

You can buy robe and pants at Dolci Trame in Siena

You can buy shoes and earrings at Mag Boutique in Siena


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