The over40 blogs revenge

To find what we like in the immensity of the Internet can be difficult sometimes, fortunately surfing the web we can often bump into blogs full of ideas, tips and inspiration.

Who does not belong to the Millennial Generation, like me, and therefore does not have sufficient new media skills as well as young generation, might be discouraged to find what is looking for between this huge number of influencers and websites.

Moreover, for an over40 woman can be difficult to find a “web representative person” to identify herselft with, but the exceptions are more and more.

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One of my favorite blog is Likes of me, born to capture “only beautiful things” that deserve to be shared and to be part of this kind of “gratitude journal” as it is stated in the blog. Here you will find many parallel worlds, a set of wisdom, aesthetic inspirations and lucid analysis of some important blogs that represent a reference point. Gratitude is a recurring concept in Likes of me and I want to repay the good words and motivational posts that made me think (for example “Body image”) and brought added value to my “internet leisure time”. But don’t be scared, you will find also many easy fashion topics and useful tips.

Furthermore, this blog is like a door that’s going to open up onto a whole new world to other blogs. For example, here there is a constantly updated list of blog that Likes of me recommends, a list in which sometimes I have had the good fortune to appear with my Not Only Twenty.

In this list you will find also another one of my favourite blog which I regulary follow: 40 + Style. It is an online magazine and blog that reaches more than 350,000 women every month and aims to give them a bit of style inspiration, guidance on how to dress and lots of ideas on what to buy to look and feel great after 40.

I’m always looking for ideas and suggestions of who needs, as me, to share a firm belief: it is not about fashion or trends, but style, it is about finding your own essence. In 40, even more than before, this self-consciousness makes us wonderful visible women, just as I said speaking of the exciting initiative Visible Monday.

There are many of us, bloggers or readers, fashion addicted or simple amateurs looking for easy tips, everyone with the desire to find a personal style to show to the world with a proud attitude.

Playing the ace card of female solidarity and with our capacity to network, the victory is ours!


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