Finding happiness after 50, even becoming a personal trainer

Edna Levitt personal trainer not only twenty fashion blogWho said that we can not reinvent ourselves after 50?

Doing a bit ‘of “zapping” on Facebook, I’ve often found some interesting encouragement on The Age of Happiness, a project that collects news from the world with the intent to make us understand that we can enjoy a fullness life well over our 50 years old.

In this case, I want to share with you the example of a woman who knew how to get back into the game.

Edna Levitt has restarted her life when she decided, at 50, to start doing physical activity. Not only gave a shake to her routine, Edna gave to her self a chance, she daily did her best and, when she figured out that she had found a great passion, she really worked hard to realize her dream.

So she launched her career as a Certified Personal Trainer and started her business 50+ fitness and, when she reached the age of 70, she decided it was time to share her experience with peolple by writing the Personal Trainer to Go book.

There are many trainers fit, young and competent, but she believes she has an ace up her sleeve that few young fitness pros likely have: personal experience.

She can share her life experience with her customers, mostly of the Baby Boom generation, people who want to strengthen muscles and endurance, to be fit and, above all, feel good.

The Edna’s mission is precisely to inspire, motivate and guide her clients to fulfill their fitness goals and to achieve their personal best.

She is the first person to have experienced that it is not only about exercise, but it is about to determine to take back your life, helping people to go beyond one’s limits, normal difficulties that everyone can have on the second half of our lives.

Fitness has transformed the life of this woman when she was 65 year-old, she became a businesswoman and a model, now she wants to help people to realize their potential and their dreams.

So, come on, let’s working hard! Here you will find some tips for a bit of exercise.

Edna Levitt personal trainer not only twenty fashion blog


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