Long pencil skirt like in the 50s

I love the 50s. I love to look at the pics of my mom wearing flared skirt or pencil skirt.

In this post I want to dress like her when she was young, younger than me now.

My pencil skirt is embroidered with pearls and sequins and is one of the fabulous skirts by Stella Jean.

On it I wear a short faux fur by Shrimps, in a lighter color than the skirt.

Now I feel like my mom!

Do you have pics of your moms in a pencil skirt? Send them to me, to see your moms in my blog!!


stella jean pencil skirt



stella jean skirt



shrimps faux fur



Simone Mencherini ring



jil sander clutch




stella jean skirt



michael michael kors shirt




simone mencherini ring



shrimps fur





prada shoes



michael kors shirt


I wear

skirt Stella Jean

shirt Michael Michael Kors

faux fur Shrimps

clutch Jil Sander

shoes Prada

ring Simone Mencherini gioielli

photo Alice Turchini

Rita Palazzi
Written by