A trip to Pitti Generation(s)

It has completed the 89° edition of Pitti Uomo, I’m going to tell you  what I‘m bringing at home from my tour through stands, conferences and tons of people.

Piti Uomo 89 - Generation(s)

First of all, the core topic of this year is literally a temptation for Not Only Twenty: Generation(s). The simultaneity and coexistence of many generations in the world of fashion is the theme developed for this edition.  Agostino Poletto, vice- CEO of Pitti Immagine, said:

“Pitti Generation(s) is the guiding theme for the January fair, taking in consideration the simultaneity of  different generations in fashion and styles today. The speed of contemporary life compresses and mixes personal and generational time,  nostalgic references and experimentation are in a global action that goes beyond borders. In this way, Pitti Generation(s) will give an ironic, lightweight look at an era where age is increasingly more a mental attitude than a number, with mature men in jeans and Tees and youngers with Victorian-style beards and a passion for vintage.” 

Well, all these generations have actually responded to the call. The turnout of this Pitti was very conspicuous, the still partial official data announces that visitors were around 36,000.

I can assure that pavillons and outdoor areas were crowed of people in every age and with eclectic style, the only difference from the prevision on “generation (s)”, was the littleness of Victorian beards!

Piti Uomo 89 - Generation(s)


Piti Uomo 89 - Generation(s)

In the beautiful location of Fortezza da Basso, pavilions were designed to attended different themes including:

Make: the new makers collector of a new generation of craftsmen from every part of the world to ensure a creative reinterpretation of traditions.

L’ALTRO UOMO it continues to be the house of avant-garde style.

PLAY  that it’s the new bet for Pitti, a pavilion  where  you can meet the world of sportswear and urban life.

Piti Uomo 89 - Generation(s)

Among the many initiatives, Roy Roger’s has presented the collection The Sartorialist developed in collaboration with the street style photographer and blogger Scott Schuman. Herno has created a capsule collection for men and women in collaboration with the illustrator  Pierre-Louis Masci. Matchless London, the historic British brand of motorcycles has created a suggestive stand for its capsule collection Star Wars.

Pitti Uomo 89 - Generation(s)

To make me smile, though, was the space set up by Happiness,  well- known brand of  T-shirt, born in 2007 from the collaboration between an Italian family specialized in the textile sector and a student of fashion based in Los Angeles. At the entrance, a couple of cute singers sang Spanish songs, supported by the setting up of the stand, inviting the visitors to be catapulted  into a pseudo Mexican paradise of art, colors and happiness.

Piti Uomo 89 -Generation(s)

What I liked the most about this Pitti Generation(s) was the co-existence of worlds far from each others but all open to a mutual exchange. This osmosis, the inclusion of historical names and new brands  is destined to give a new linfa to the world of fashion. As I felt the energy and the interest of visitors, I would say that we are on an always- right way. Keep going generation (s)!

Pitti Uomo 89 - Generation(s)

Rita Palazzi
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