We celebrate the beauty of the feminine curves with “Chubby Women” of the artist Xu Hongfei

Xu Hong Fei sculpture - source Siena News

The Chinese artist Xu Hongfei (Wikipedia), 51 years old, Rector of sculpture art Academy at Canton University, has brought its “Chubby Women” in my beloved Siena.

Thanks to  “SienaContemporanea” the city has been invaded by an electrifying wave of cultural ferment that turns streets, squares, gardens and urban parks in open-air museums.

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I suggest you to not miss the opportunity to see with your eyes the sculptures of one of China’s most popular artist.

Xu Hongfei has a clear  mission, he wants to spread the idea of ​​a democratic beauty that emphasizes the aesthetic value of diversity and harmony of voluptuous curves. His works made us think about a sort of  Botero’s sculptures (Wikipedia).

In Xu Hongfei’s vision, there are many types of beauty and sensuality, with the “Chubby Women“, he aims to celebrate those forms of curves. It is a way, paraphrasing the artist, to give voice to who don’t fit into an aesthetic linked to thinness. He says “We make assumptions about the way they live their lives or how unhappy they must be. For me, this is completely untrue. Large women can be full of life” ( source Standard).


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The beauty of these sculptures is the balance between the elephantine size of curves and the lightness and agility that they express. Their poses are important movements can not be unnoticed but, despite this, the sense of humor can build a strong empathy with the viewers.

The sympathy that we perceive is an essential part of his works. The goal of Xu Hongfei, in fact, is to make them interact with people who is passing by in an urban context.

These sculptures can not be considerate as monoliths to watch from a distance, the “Chubby Women” are statues to interact with, accessible, approachable.

Beautiful statues, inspiring joy, that are made to live and interact with people but, more important, are born from the desire to remind us how beautiful we are also with more than some curves.

La bellezza di queste sculture è nell’equilibrio tra la mastodonticità delle forme e la leggerezza e l’agilità che esprimono. Sono ritratte in pose importanti, in movimenti che non passano inosservati ma, nonostante la loro mole, il raffinato senso dell’humour con sui sono plasmate suscita una forte empatia.

La simpatia che ne percepiamo è una componente essenziale delle opere. L’obiettivo di Xu Hongfei, infatti, è quello di renderle opere vive grazie all’interazione con i passanti all’interno del contesto urbano in cui sono inserite.

Non si tratta di monoliti da guardare da lontano, le “Chubby Women” sono statue con cui interagire, fruibili, avvicinabili.

Sono statue bellissime, che ispirano allegria, realizzate per essere vissute e suscitare reazioni attive nelle persone ma, ancor più rilevante, nascono dalla volontà di ricordarci quanto siamo belle anche con qualche rotolino in più.


Xu Hong Fei sculpture - Siena


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