The real feminine skill to know how to reinvent ourself… and become an Icon

Strong women, eclectic, confident and with the incomparable capacity to reinvent ourself. These are the women from whom you have to take to inspiration. From science to arts, in each sector the determination of a woman can make the difference.

The reason of my reflection on our ability to meet new challenges adding values comes from the documentary film Roxanne Lowit Magic Moments, the second debut of Yvonne Sciò as film director and producer.


Yvonne Sciò - fimdirector of Magic Moments


Two women, two friends, who have been able to understand their own worth and take on new adventures.

Yvonne Sciò, is a young beautiful woman, in Italy has became well- known for the memorable advertising campaign of SIP (now Telecom) that we have seen for years and we can’t help us to forget its claim “do you love me … how much do you love me?”;  then we used to know her better in 1992 when she became part of the Tv show  team of  “Non è la Rai“.

Since then she has made lot of things … .modeling,  theater,  independent cinema, a bag collection and much more (I suggest you take a look at her website

She has been able to get out from the stereotype of lolita, facing an artistic path that  earned her a reputation as “serious actress”, Italian way to earn an high level work reputation, and, in addition, a way to go all over the world. Among Italy, France, Spain and the United States she has been able to build a strong and eclectic career of which, perhaps, we received only an echo obfuscated by the gossip of the famous fight with top model Naomi Campbell.


Roxanne Lowit adn Yvonne Sciò


Leaving rumors behind, and many other projects later, Yvonne Shoo is back into the international scene with a work that celebrates the famous New York photographer and above all, her friend, Roxanne Lowit.

As Yvonne Sciò said: “I felt the need to pay tribute to a great name of photography but especially to a friend.”


Roxanne Lowit


The story is about the jetset from the years of the legendary Studio54 to the present days, narrated through the witness of fashion icons.

From Giambattista Valli to David LaChapelle, from Giorgio Armani to Jeremy Scott through Julian Schnabel, Pat Cleveland, Amanda Lepore and Heidi Klum, in the documentary film we get to see Roxanne Lowit with the eyes of celebrities immortalized in her works.

They reveal an hidden world in the life of this lady of fashion, who started in fashion as a textile designer,  but she was able to get  the right opportunities that led her to realize her true interest: photography (from her bio


In that time photographers were only men who used to elbow each other in  front of catwalks to capture the best shoot, Roxanne Lowit was the one who has changed that paradigm. A delicate and elegant girl more interested in the behind the scenes than to the shows. It was through her polite manner and her resourcefulness that she has been able to sneak anywhere. She has never owned a guest pass (as she confides in an interview to Marco De Martino), she has been able to realize pictures that immortalize huge icons as Salvador Dalì, Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Lauren – just to name a few – capturing intimate, real moments in which poses aren’t like rigid construction thought for shooting set.



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Two women who were able to believe in their abilities, they faced stereotypes and prejudices obtaining an overstanding success.

The girl who has became notorius as Italian showgirl, she has been recognized not only for being an actress, but also as a film director on big stages like the one of Venice and she also won the prize of 19th Terra di Siena Film Festival for best film in the documentary section (

The textile designer, who started for fun to portray celebrities and artists, became the artist herself. Now she is recognized as the one who has changed the global idea of ​​fashion photography, for that reason she has become more famous as artist and fashion icon than as photographer.




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