Stop violence against women

Replace the chain of violence with a love chain, with the SeeMe heart!

seeme heart


Every day we hear of women who were killed or who have suffered violence by their men, men who said they love them.

Stop at violence against women, replace the chain of violence with a love chain!

The SeeMe heart is the symbol of this transformation. Every heart is uniquely handcrafted in Tunisia and Turkey by women victims of violence.

This organization, by giving them a job, helps women to conquer their independence.

Caterina Occhio is the founder and CEO of SeeMe, specialised in the socio-economic integration of women, she has managed to combine the beauty of the products to the beauty of the purpose of the organization.


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caterina occhio



maison martin margiela sandals



heart movement



say it with a heart



seeme org



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necklace SeeMe

dress T by Alexander Wang

sandals Maison Martin Margiela

bag Barbara Bonner

ring Simone Mencherini Gioielli

photo Alice Turchini

Rita Palazzi
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